UPDATE: Man killed in shooting did not fire

Posted By: Camila Orti

Lincoln Police officials say Doug DaMoude did not fire at the deputy that shot and killed him Friday.

Police Chief Jim Peschong says the investigation revealed the gun DaMoude confronted deputies with wasn’t even loaded.

Friends and family of 64-year-old DaMoude are trying to make sense of his death.

“It was a horrible shock, I could not believe that they killed him,” sister Beverly Armbrust said over the phone.

Four Sheriff’s deputies were serving a court order to evict DaMoude at 5901 English Park Court around 2:30 p.m. Friday. After a locksmith was unsuccessful at picking the lock, deputies kicked down the door. Officials say the deputies were confronted by DaMoude, who was holding a .22 caliber rifle.

“A struggle ensued, they told him to drop the weapon and shots were fired,” Peschong said.

One of the locksmiths accompanying the deputies told Channel 8 on Saturday that he was convinced DaMoude shot first.

“His intention was to kill somebody when he was shooting through the door,” Locksmith John Firestine said.

But officials say all of the five shots were fired from two of the deputies’ guns.

“The rifle that Mr. DaMoude had confronted the sheriff’s deputies with was found to be unloaded,” Peschong said.

Four of those shots hit DaMoude, and autopsy reports show that a single shot to the head is what killed him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“That even makes me feel worse, I don’t think they needed to kill him,” Armbrust said.

Peschong says DaMoude had been sending mail to the police dept. and Sheriff’s office for several weeks, threatening to use deadly force on officers that tried to enter his home. 16 other weapons were found in the residence.

Armbrust says none of this sounds like the Doug she knew.

“We had a great time every time he’d been around us, he always had us laughing and my kids loved him,” she said.

As is protocol, the two deputies who fired the shots are on administrative leave until LPD concludes the internal investigation.