UPDATE: Man severely burned at gas pump

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


A charred gas pump and burn marks across the car. It’s what’s left after a man caught on fire while putting gas into his car.

Saturday afternoon, Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office and Gretna Fire and Rescue were called to the gas station Pump and Pantry, near Sapp Bros Drive and Highway 370.

They were called after a man went up in flames.

"The nature of the call was that an individual had been severely burned," said a Sarpy County Sheriff Lieutenant.

Officials say people at the gas station tried to help, one quick thinking individual started spraying him down with a fire extinguisher.

"There several other patrons in the area that appeared to assist in his aid,” said a Sarpy County Sheriff Lieutenant.

Even with the extra help, his injuries were so severe the man was life–flighted from the gas station to Nebraska Medial Center in critical condition

More than 24 hours later he remains in the hospital.

Sarpy County Sheriffs Office is still investigating the accident.

Following a preliminary investigation officials have confirmed the fire was not accidental and that the gas pumps were working just fine.

The identity of the man is not being released out of respect for family