Update: National Republican Convention 2012

By: Mark Curtis

Mitt Romney gave the political speech of his career as he accepted the Republican nomination for President. Delegates believe he can turn around the sagging economy.

“We love Mitt Romney. He radiates the principles of Republicans. We need better job performance,” said Joyce Simmons, (R) Nebraska Delegate. 

Others believe Romney will lead the effort to balance the budget and reduce the national debt. “Trimming the sails, which is what we have to do. We have to stop spending money. Who better to do that, than a business guy,” said (R) Rhode Island Delegate, Mark Zaccaria.

Romney's international experience was also touted. He was President of the Winter Olympics ten years ago. “Mitt Romney has run things and he has run them well. I think he's taken a lot of time to focus on foreign policy, and think that through,” said (R-MA) Congressional Candidate, Sean Bielat. 

But not everyone is on board, some delegates for Congressmen Ron Paul are giving Romney a lukewarm welcome.

“They'll be some learning to do now that he's been nominated, and I am anxious to learn more about him,” said (R) Ron Paul Iowa Delegate, Sarah Stokes.

If he wins in November, Romney will be the first U.S. President of the Mormon faith.

So, the Republicans are done; the Democrats are next; and the battle lines are drawn. From all indications, this will remain a very close race all the way ‘until Election Day.