UPDATE: No charges filed against driver who hit Merzedes Hart

Courtesy: UNO Athletics

By: Channel 8 Eyewitness Newsroom

19 year old Merzedes Hart was killed January 13th after a hit and run accident on hwy 6, near Waverly.

Following an investigation, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and the County Attorney says the driver who hit her will not face any accident related charges.

“There is no evidence he knew or should have known that he struck a pedestrian or knowingly left the scene of an accident,” Sheriff Terry Wagner, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Until now, an explanation as to what happened was unclear.

Just before 10:30 that night, officials say Hart and two of her friends were leaving Shakers, near 120th and hwy 6.

Hart and one of those girls got into an argument and the girl she was fighting with wandered off. That’s when Hart went after her, crossing several lanes of traffic to the south side of the highway.

"After some discussion, they both began running across U.S highway 6 back toward the vehicle that was on the north side. Just after crossing that raised median, a 1994 blue station wagon struck Hart as she crossed the inside lane of hwy 6," Wagner, said.

Officials say the driver of the station wagon was in the lane at the same time as Hart because he was trying to avoid the girls’ car pulled over on the side of the road.

"He switched to the inside lane to give a safety space between the vehicle he thought was disabled and his vehicle. He struck what he thought to be a deer in the roadway," Wagner, said.

The driver left the scene not knowing he hit Hart. He was located an hour later.

Officials say there is no evidence that he intentionally left the accident.