Update: North Loup Evacuation

After excessive, heavy rain yesterday caused an entire town to be evacuated, they are now allowed back to see how their homes are holding up.

The town of North Loup, population 400,was evacuated after heavy rains caused a dam west of the city to break. Overflowing the North Loup river and sending 2 feet of water into the yards and homes of the people of North Loup.

John Deriso was in town when water began taking over city streets.

 “The water came up very fast in like 30 minutes it rose a foot. Ad then the houses, basements were being flooded. My neighbors across the street the walls of their basement caved in. Kind of a train wreck for a lot of people,” Deriso said.

The Red Cross is taking care of people like Deriso's neighbors who may not be allowed back in their damaged homes at this time, the rest of the city is just picking up their yards and airing out their homes.