Update On Jayci Yaeger

The family of a Lincoln girl battling cancer has turned to the President of the United States.

Jayci Yaeger's last hope is to have her dad, who's in a South Dakota prison, be granted an extended release to be by her side.  

Jayci is continuing to fight for her life as her father keeps fighting to see his little girl one last time.

Jayci's last wish is to see her father one more time, but that request is become dimmer and dimmer.

Her father Jason Yaeger is serving time in this South Dakota federal prison for a methamphetamine conviction.

Although he's had supervised visits with his daughter, for the last year he's been writing letters pushing for a temporary release to be by Jayci's side, but after numerous attempts the warden who has the final say, has refused.

Only to say temporary releases are for “extrodinary justifications.”

Jayci's mother Vonda says she doesn't think it's fair they say it's a case by case basis but then compare Jason to other immates.

There are no set standards or rules on what defines or determines, but yet he doesn't fit the criteria.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry asked for a clear definition of what “extraordinary justification” is and this is part of a statement released to his office.

Although Mr. Yaeger beleieves his daughter's severe medical condition consitutes, “extraordinary justification,” a review of his case reveals this specific request was submitted through the administrative remedy appeal process, and subsequently denied at the intitution, regional, and central office levels because his circimstances were not deemed to rise to the level of extraordinary.

Jason Yaeger has even filed for clemency from President Bush.

Channel Eight Eyewitness News contacted the White House and Justice Department reguarding the status of Jason's request and as of this afternoon the department had not received a clemency petition from Mr. Yaeger.

As for ten year old Jayci, her mom says she continues to fight and is holding on for her dad.

Her heart rates much higher and her respirations much lower and her blood pressure keeps dropping which is steps closer to the end.

The Yaeger family says they have appreciated all the support and have had a lot of people worldwide wanting to know how they can help.

Vonda says she's asking people to e-mail or write the warden in South Dakota.