Update on the Blizzard in Nebraska

Posted By: Pierce Georlett


The weather has left over 100 people stranded, and conditions are so bad, Governor Ricketts has issued an Emergency Declaration.

Travel across the state of Nebraska, in a standstill. Blowing snow causing white out conditions, crippling travelers, and leaving hundreds of drivers in need of help.

Nebraska Emergency Management says road closures include I-80 West of Kearney and Highways 20 and 30.

The Nebraska State Patrol reports one man, 61–year–old Rollo Ward of Idaho Falls, Idaho died after losing control and hitting a semi on i–80 in western Nebraska. Because of that the Nebraska State Patrol is warning drivers about the treacherous conditions they might face moving forward.

"The roads as you travel west or obviously to the west and also to the north are snow packed as of right now they are working on trying to get the interstate opened, but they are having some problems due to all of the stranded vehicles," says Sgt. Micheal Grummert of the Nebraska State Patrol. 

Sgt. Michael Grummert also says they have seen a huge spike in stranded vehicles since Friday night.

"As for stranded motorists the way it sounds there has been close to 100, as far as accidents and this is just at the state patrol I would say approximately 20 the way it sounds," commented Sgt. Grummert "so about 20 what we call motor assists and that can either be some bodies car broke down or weather their stuck and that type of stuff so at least 100."

Winds gusting over 60 miles an hour have knocked out power to several communities. His current trip is to Seattle, but he says because of the conditions he’s stuck in Lincoln. As someone who has seen his fair of snow storms, he says being in a hurry isn’t worth risking your safety.

"If they would open in it up tonight I wouldn’t go anyway," says Larry Hissong a truck driver "you got too many drivers parked waiting for it to open soon as they open they all take off and 9 times out of 10 they’re gonna have a wreck somewhere."

Larry says that he is not the only truck driver that is going to take tonight off because of the weather.

"I mean to me the customer would rather have the load there safely than laying on the side of a ditch," says Hissong 

The Nebraska State Patrol wants to remind anybody who does choose to drive tonight to make sure that your phone is charged and that you give your self plenty of time to get where you are going.