Update: StarTran driver fired for beating a passenger

By: Kayla Bremer

A StarTran bus driver has lost his job after video surveillance shows him punching a passenger multiple times.

This morning, surveillance video was released.

Police say the passenger was new to Lincoln and was asking the driver, 43–year–old Troy Fischer many questions, unclear with where he wanted to go.

Lincoln Public Works Director Miki Esposito says Fischer informed his supervisor over the radio of a problem with a passenger. She says Fischer's supervisor directed him to let the passenger off the bus or call police, but instead, Fischer confronted the passenger face to face.

In the video, you can see Fischer violently push, then striking the passenger in the face repeatedly before dragging him off the bus and dumping him in the street.

Moments later, he told his supervisor he got the passenger off the bus and that “it wasn't pretty.”  Knowing there are cameras on the bus, he eventually asks him to erase the video.

“The video conclusively established that the passenger was in no way threatening, menacing, or belligerent in his conduct,” Esposito said.  “Fischer's actions are reprehensible and will not be tolerated by the city.”

Fischer was cited for misdemeanor assault by Lincoln police after the incident took place on Saturday, March 23rd.

He was suspended without pay during the investigation, but was fired Thursday after a disciplinary hearing with the city.

“Mr. Fischer made a conscious, personal decision to completely deviate from his training, from StarTran protocol and from his immediate supervisor's directives,” Esposito said.  “He took matters into his own hands, rather than following the direct orders and support he was given by his superior.”

Officials say Fischer was remorseful and apologetic for his actions in the hearing on Thursday.

He has a court hearing scheduled for later this month.