Update: Stolen cell phone leads police to arrest

A Lincoln woman shares the details of her terrifying night. She says she was asleep when an intruder threatened to rape her. Now police say the attack was all part of a crime spree.

We are keeping the woman's identity hidden, given the nature of the attack. But what happened over the weekend is something she told us she'll never forget, for all the wrong reasons.

“I just feel completely violated. My whole sense of safety is gone,” The victim said. All because of what happened Saturday night, in her home near 24th and A streets. “I woke up to a man laying next to me strangling me and telling me to be quiet. I'm gonna rape you,” The victim said.

Then as she screamed for her roommate he put his hand over her mouth, punched her in the face. Then left through this door, with jewelry, money and two cell phones. Over the next couple of days. Authorities say he sent text messages and made phone calls to her friends. She shared one voicemail, she says was from him, with us. “Haha all she had to do was just lay down and take it.”

Police took over the calls, and arranged for a meeting at 27th and O streets. That's where they arrested, 31 year old Kashaun McMorris. The same man they believe was involved in a Monday morning burglary in the Belmont neighborhood.

 “it's a relief to get this man off the streets who knows how his behavior could have escalated clearly he wasn't stopping with one burglary,” Officer Katie Flood said.

On top of that Omaha police wanted him in connection with a burglary last week . Now though for the Lincoln victim, “I don't want him to be the reason I moved out of my house.” And as for him… “It's sad that he had to do that. It's sad that he was raised to be a man like that. I feel bad for him.”

At first the Lincoln victim said she didn't recognize McMorris. But now that he's been arrested, she says she knows him. She says he's one of her friends ex–boyfriends.