Updated: UNL says all dorm rooms will be searched

UNL Housing leaders and the UNL Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs addressed the bedbug issue Wednesday morning.

Officials at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln say they plan to search every dorm room on campus for bedbugs after an infestation was discovered earlier this month.  University officials said Wednesday they've spent $20,000 so far on services and equipment to get rid of the bedbugs, and could end up paying $100,000.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Juan Franco says 25 student rooms have tested positive in three residence halls.The university is using a rat terrier named Spots to detect the bugs, and may bring in other dogs from out of state. Spots is the only dog in Nebraska capable of sniffing them out.  Officials say they are using special heated pouches to kill bugs on backpacks and other items. They're also freezing the bugs with carbon dioxide.