Urgent need at the Nebraska Community Blood Bank

The Nebraska Community Blood Bank is asking for your help.  The supply of O negative, A negative and B blood types are all at dangerously low levels.

It is important to maintain a sufficient supply of each blood type, especially O negative since it is considered the “universal blood type” and can be given to all blood types in an emergency.   As a thank you for donating this week, everyone will receive a white “I Bleed Husker Red” t-shirt and the chance to enter a drawing for two tickets to the Red/White football game, Saturday at Memorial Stadium.


For more information call 1-877-486-9414 or visit www.ncbb.org


          Four Nebraska Community Blood Bank locations

  • 100 N. 84th St.
  • 131 S. 13th St.
  • 2917 Pine Lake Road
  • 2700 Fletcher Ave.


Donor Requirements:

  • At least 17 years of age
  • Weigh 15 pounds or more
  • In general good health
  • Bring official photo ID (passport, drivers license, military ID, etc.)