U.S. Senate candidates celebrate victories

By: Rachael Witter

She came from behind, he had an easy win. Both U.S. Senate nominees Deb Fischer and Bob
Kerrey celebrated victories in Tuesday night's primaries today.  One big factor of this race has been both candidates' roots to Nebraska.

“I live in the state of Nebraska. Bob Kerrey doesn't yet…to my knowledge,” Fischer said.

“Last night State Senator Deb Fischer said well we need someone who's different, someone who's tough somebody who's a Nebraskan. I thought she was about to endorse me at that point but she continues to make the point that I'm not a Nebraskan and that simply isn't true,” Kerrey said.

Both candidates now look ahead to the November election.

It will be the most expensive U.S. Senate campaign ever in the state of Nebraska.