U.S. Senate Race Heats Up

By: Megan Palera

It's a spring to the finish line for both U.S. senatorial candidates as they're working hard to win over the independent and undecided voters.

Senator Bob Kerrey was speaking to a different crowd Thursday afternoon. The democrat made a campaign stop at UNL to meet with students, and at his side, independent Senator Joe Lieberman.

“I haven't been involved with many campaigns this year, but this one is special,” Senator Lieberman said. “One, because I know him so well but two, because I know Washington and I know what ails Washington. And I really feel he's part of the cure.”

The race for the senate seat is getting tighter. A new poll shows Kerrey is now within single digits of Deb Fischer.

“We got to keep it up for the next 12 days and I'll either win or I won't,” remarked Senator Kerrey. “Right now I feel confident we've got momentum in our direction.”

But Fischer claims Kerrey's negative TV ads won't help him win. Thursday, the republican joined forces with Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns Thursday in Omaha.

“I think Bob Kerrey reached the conclusion that the only way he could win was to win really ugly,” Senator Johanns said.

The ad in question claims that Fischer tried to take land from her neighbors and took them to court. Fischer says she's had enough of Kerrey's lies.

“You know I don't hear from many people,” Fischer said. “The ones I've heard of from the last week as we traveled the state every stop we're at, it's usually someone who's gone through the same experience and having to go to court to settle a boundary dispute.”

Senator Johanns says Bob Kerrey should apologize to Deb Fischer and pull the boundary issue ad right away.