US strike in Syria targets military and chemical weapons sites

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

        WASHINGTON (AP) Friday night  President Donald Trump says the United States has “launched precision strikes” on targets associated with Syrian chemical weapons program.
        Trump spoke from the White House Friday night. He says a “combined operation” with France and the United Kingdom is underway.
        Trump says that last Saturday, Syrian President Bashar Assad deployed chemical weapons in what was a “significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very terrible regime.”  

       President Trump warned Russia and Iran about their association with Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad’s government, as he announces the launch of retaliatory strikes after an apparent chemical weapons attack last week.
        Speaking from the White House, Trump said, “To Iran and to Russia, I ask: What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children?”
        Trump calls the two countries those “most responsible for supporting, equipping and financing the criminal Assad regime.”
        Trump says, “The nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep.”
        He adds ominously, “Hopefully someday we’ll get along with Russia, and maybe even Iran, but maybe not."

        Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said military strikes in Syria are “directed at the Syrian regime” and they have “gone to great lengths to avoid civilians and foreign casualties.”

        Mattis spoke Friday night after President Donald Trump announced that the U.S., France and Britain launched military strikes on Syria to punish President Bashar Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians and to deter him from doing it again.

        Mattis is asking that “responsible nations” join in condemning the Assad regime. 
        Defense Secretary James Mattis says the U.S. and its allies have taken “decisive action” against Syrian chemical weapons infrastructure.
        Mattis briefed reporters at the Pentagon Friday an hour after President Donald Trump announced the strike.
        Mattis says the United States, along with France and the United Kingdom, struck because Syrian President Bashar Assad “did not get the message” when the U.S. launched airstrikes after a chemical attack in 2017.
        The defense secretary says Friday’s strikes have “sent a clear message” to Assad and his “murderous lieutenants.”