USA Rollersports National Championships Leaving Lincoln

A huge money maker is rolling it's way out of Lincoln, and the local economy could take a big hit. In less than a month roller skaters from across the country will come to the Pershing center for the USA Rollersports National Championships, but come next year that won't be the case. Lincoln has hosted the National Rollersports Championships 22 times, more than any other city.

From speed skating to figure skating, over the past 42 years the event has brought people to the Pershing Center from all across the nation. But come next year, competitors will head south to Pensacola, Florida. Hotels and other businesses in Lincoln have grown custom to welcoming the skaters year in and year out. And for good reason. It's estimated the championships pump 5 to 7 million dollars into the local economy. But the bottom line is that the skaters just want a change of scenery.

But there is some good news. The skating championships will come back to Lincoln in 2006, but will then go to Fresno, California the following year.