Valentines Day hot chocolate

Posted By: Nolan Crane

A student at North Star High School is sharing the love for Valentines Day one cup of hot chocolate at a time. Here’s tonight’s “Excellence in Education” report.

Senior Emma Sanderson spent the week in the kitchen making homemade hot chocolate mix for a school fundraiser. Sanderson’s secret recipe includes her homemade marshmallows that earned her a first place culinary award in a district wide competition.

“I eventually want to own my own restaurant which is a big dream, but hopefully it will come true and just these people skills will definitely help me,” says Emma Sanderson.

“Emma has been on our culinary team so she has been at competitions. Competition practice can be rather expensive so she’s working on selling these treat bags so that we can put some money back into our projects and buy more things to practice with,” says Kimberly Rempel.

Emma has had so much success she made a second batch of hot chocolate mix to sell Friday. Her goal is to raise $500 as part of a school fundraiser and put a smile on everyone’s face just in time for Valentines Day. She has sold hundreds of dollars worth of hot chocolate and she hopes to become an entrepreneur later in life.