Updated: Vandals hit east Lincoln

By: Melina Matthes

Lincoln police say they've caught the 3rd suspect in a string of car and mailbox vandalism.  Police say 20-year-old Tyler Sylvester was arrested.

Some loud banging alerted neighbors of vandals destroying their property. It happened Sunday night near 70th and “O” leaving a lot of people outraged. On Monday, police said they had found 2 out of the 3 suspects who went on a vandalism spree Sunday night.  Jessy Lukonen and Justis Klinker were cited and released for vandalism. Residents are furious and many are upset the two didn't go to jail.

Mailboxes knocked off their post after vandals, determined to cause damage, speed through several east Lincoln neighborhoods.

“We were actually all inside the house just watching a movie and heard what we thought were like screeching tires or fast stopping and then 5 to 6 loud pops which to me sounded like gun fire,” Victim Nancy Engelbrecht said.

According to Lincoln police, a group of men were spotted smashing the mailboxes with a baseball bat.

“That baseball bat was recovered and two twenty year old males were cited,” Officer Katie Flood said.

The vandals also tried to destroy this mailbox, however the owner says just last week he replaced it with a sturdier base…however mailboxes weren't the only property the vandals damaged.

“I hear someone racing, racing the car and after that I look out the window but I didn't see anything until my neighbor come over let me know someone break your truck window and his car too,” Victim Tjuan Nguyen said.

The suspects broke out Tjuan Nguyen's driver's side window. They also damaged three of Nancy Engelbrechts cars, smashing the rear windows, frame and side mirror. Lincoln police caught two of the three suspects, however they were not arrested, they were cited and released.

Police say they do know who the third suspect is, however they have not contacted him at this time. Right now the total loss is still under investigation.