UPDATE: Vandals use BB gun to shatter car windows

By: Ashley Harding

UPDATE: It was a rude awakening for some Lincoln residents Monday. Someone used a BB gun to shoot out car windows. So far, there have been 10 reports of vandalism.

It was just after midnight when Denise Matson was awakened by a knock at the door.

“Police officers came to my house. They knocked on the door and I was kind of scared because I just moved into the neighborhood, so I really didn't know what was going on,” Matson said.

What she found shocked her – the driver's side window of the car she bought last week was shattered.

“I pretty much just moved here from Omaha. And I just started my job and I really don't have money to afford a new window right now,” Matson said.

Lincoln police say at least 8 other cars were hit. Most of them occurred in the area of 29th and Apple, which is near Holdredge Street.

Triple 'A' Rents on 27th and Theresa was also hit the vandals. The business is about a mile north of where most of the incidents happened. But police believe they may all be connected.

“It did not appear that entry was gained to any of the vehicles or the business. Nothing has been reported stolen. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses and no suspects at this time,” LPD Officer Katie Flood said.

If you have any information, you're asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at 475-3600.

By: Dan Messineo

Multiple car windows were busted out Sunday night.  At least 3 of those cars were parked on the same street. 

Several cars were vandalized on Apple street.  Two driver's side windows were shattered closer to 33rd and Apple.  One more car was damaged near 27th and Apple.  Police tell us a total of 5 car windows were smashed out in the area.  

The call came in around 11:40 Sunday night.  The caller told police 2 parked pickup trucks had busted out windows.  Police then checked out the area and found 3 other shattered windows.  

Police say no one saw the car windows being busted out.  They have no suspects.