Vandals use BB guns to shoot car windows

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Vandals strike in north Lincoln!  Windows shot by a BB gun, and no one knows who did it!

Just weeks before Christmas, a single mom wakes up to her car window shot and broken into pieces.

Meranda sterns, who lives near 30th and Starr woke up this morning to take her son to school, and found glass all over the driver seat and the window broken.

Sterns says a police officer approached her to tell her she wasn't the only victim.

“Four cars down the street got theirs, and he said it was probably some kids who got a new bb gun and was trying it out,” Sterns said.

Lincoln police say all the cars were hit by BB guns between 3 and 7 AM.  No one saw it happen.

Right around the same time, police say four more car windows were also broken out around 63rd and Leighton. Police aren't sure if the cases are related.

Stern says she's not surprised this went on. It's not the first but she hopes it's the last.

“Oh, I'm pretty angry because this is not only the first time this year that it happened but the second time. Kids around here don't understand that moms that are single can't afford it,” Sterns said.

Sterns said she knows the area has a high crime rate, but she says she's disappointed it had to happen during the holiday season.  This will put a damper on the presents she can buy for her kids.

“It's almost Christmas time and now I have to pay for my window cuz they want to drive around and be idiots,” Sterns said. 

Sterns said she has insurance, but with a $500 deductible and the possibility of premiums going up, she'll pay this one out of pocket.