Vehicle Found Submerged Near Glenvil

Authorities are investigating a vehicle found in a runoff pit near a feed lot by Glenvil. Right now, they can only see the very top of the vehicle. The road is blocked and the State Patrol is already there. Some people are speculating that this could be the vehicle that Traci Kenley and Bill Rundle were riding in 2 years ago when they disappeared. The two were last seen driving from Edgar on their way to Hastings. Edgar is about 20 miles from where this vehicle has been found. It's important to note, authorities do not yet know what type of vehicle this is. They're draining the ditch and being very careful not to disturb anything just in case it turns out to be a crime scene. Both the Rundles and Kenley families have been notified about the vehicle. Of course we'll keep you updated on the situation as more information becomes available to us.