Verizon call center closing, 320 jobs cut

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Verizon announced Wednesday it’s closing it’s Lincoln call center, forcing 320 employees to either relocate within the company or be without a job.

They’ll stay open until March 24th, then employees can potentially transfer to other locations around the country.

“We are recruiting those employees because they’re highly skilled, and they’re highly talented and we’re essentially recruiting them to stay with our company and to relocate,” Meagan Dorsch, a Verizon spokeswoman, said.

If employees do decide to make the move, they’ll get a $500 stipend to tour other call centers and $10,000 to help with moving costs. If they choose not to move, Dorsch says they’ll help them to find new jobs, as well a severance package.

Verizon’s spokesperson said it all came down to restructuring.

"The company is realigning our real estate portfolio and our customer service operation so we have extra capacity in other locations so we’re doing this to make the best possible use of that space,” Dorsch said.

Lincolns call center opened in 2007, with a 2 million dollar price tag, and now is among five other call centers the company is closing down. They say this will not affect Verizon’s sales or coverage in Nebraska.