Verizon text message scam

Posted By: Reid Kilmer

The most recent scam in Nebraska is coming through text messaging. A text message circulating appeared to be from Great Western Bank reading, “attention debit card is blocked. Login to continue.”

Tess Peters from the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office told us,

“The text message will then direct these consumers to a website claiming that their account has been blocked and then it asks for personal identifying information.”

A consumer alert has been issued from the attorney general’s office. They released a warning today saying,

“The text and the website may look legitimate but they are not. If you receive this unsolicited text message, do not reply or click on the web link and delete it.”

The Attorney General’s office pointed out that no one’s accounts at Great Western Bank or Verizon have been hacked and this is simply a scammer message targeting a certain geographic area.

Verizon wireless is also reaching out.

When we spoke with them they told us customers should also be aware that they can forward suspected spam messages to 7726, which is a spam database. Where someone will look into the messages.

Verizon also told us if you are concerned about your account or clicked on the link and filled out some of the information, contact your local bank immediately.