Veteran’s Day Ceremonies Held In Lincoln

People all over Lincoln are saying thank you. Events are being held all around the city today to honor those who fought in wars on this Veteran’s day. The events began Wednesday morning and they are going on all day.

We had the chance to speak with several veterans and many other people around the city. All of them told us today is about one thing, saying thank you.

They fought in wars from World War II to those in Iraq and Afghanistan. And for one Korean war veteran.

“I really never got any thanks when I came back I’m sure the Vietnam veterans since have been the same way and this is one way of saying thank you,” Veteran Kenneth Smetter said. 

The day’s ceremonies began outside Memorial stadium. That’s where about 80 former servicemen began the 11th annual Veteran’s Day Walk of Recognition. They made their way through downtown and on to Antelope Park, where more recognition awaited.

For one of the walk’s organizers. “We enjoy a certain way of life and quality of life and there are certain people who spent time to defend that,” Vietnam Veteran Frank DeGaldo said. 

And some of those people stopped to pay tribute in the Veterans Memorial Garden before packing in to the Auld Recreation center. A chance to reflect on the past and pray for the future. They even held a moment of silence for the soldiers lost in last week’s tragedy at Fort Hood.

A reminder of the sacrifices so many soldiers have made. We caught up with one woman who told me she’ll say thank you to every Veteran she sees. And she does not want to be alone.

“I hope that more Americans realize the work that they have done and I hope they thank them at least take 5 minutes our of their life and thank the Veterans for today,” Robyn Weber said.

These events are held annually. And they hope if you weren’t there, next year you remember and join them in saying thanks.