Veterans Seeking Health Care

 In the past four years, only about half of Nebraska's Iraq Veterans have sought help from the local V.A. System.  The horror of being injured in Iraq has been experienced first hand by former Marine Corporal Trent Thomas of Lincoln. “At first it was really pretty bad. Now I've been seeing help for it and I'm doing a lot better and just been trying' to work out these things and stuff like that,” says Thomas. Thomas got help through the Veteran's Administration, but not everyone does.

  Of the nearly 3,000 Nebraska troops deployed in Iraq, just over 15-hundred have enrolled in the V.A. System, most of them on an out-patient basis.  Dr. Ahsan Naseem, with Lincoln's V.A. Mental Health Department wants to help more local Iraq vets cope with emotional problems once they return home. “I think we have learned from previous generations of veterans that the support that is needed for the returning veteran needs to be sustained and it needs to be as complete as we can make it,” says Naseem. So, next week, Dr. Naseem is heading up a teleconference detailing the kinds of mental health care available to vets.  It will be telecast to hospitals across Nebraska March 8th. In Lincoln, you can view it at Bryan L.G.H. East.

For more information on Dr. Naseem's “Mental Health Teleconference” go to or call Joan Husted at (402)-559-6235.

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