Victims of drunk drive

A Lincoln couple wants to show the effects of being a victim to a drunk driver.  The young family is reaching out to try and keep them off the streets.

The family is in $100,000 in debt after a tragic accident and pleading with the community to think before they drink.

A drunk driver flipped their world upside down when he flipped their car with them and their –year–old son inside.

It's hard to think about it…cuz just a little accident can hurt a lot.

A hurt that comes in the form of a broken clavical…broken jaw…two broken ribs a cracked liver and beat up face….and that's just for jeremiah. Shadon is still under hospital observation…their little boy was luckily unhurt.

This is the man, 28–year–old luis dimas which police reports say admitted he was drunk when he hit the young family…it's his second offense.

I've got two kids and i can't lift over 8 pounds and they want daddy to pick them up and i can't pick them up it's kind of hard for me.

And that hardship is why jeremiah and his girlfriend shadon are speaking out…not only about the effects drunk driving accidents can have on families like theirs…but also the possibility that the city council could approve a new law that would allow bars to stay open an extra hour.

Shadon says a later closing time raises the risk of drunk drivers damaging other early morning workers…like paper carriers… Like themselves.


What about when they're leaving the bars at 2, 2:30 in the morning or something and they're going to hit there's going to be more paper carriers that are going to be hit or damaged by drunk drivers.




Jeremiah, shadon and their mothers will be setting up a facebook page soon…asking people to take a pledge against drunk driving and to help raise support against the proposed bar closing time at 2 a.m.


Thanks kali.

A fund has been set up at any wells fargo bank to help the family.