Volunteer efforts continue in Beaver Crossing

By: Lauren Fabrizi

It’s been nearly a week since an EF–3 tornado ripped through the town of Beaver Crossing, but the volunteer efforts are far from over.

The town’s old café has been turned into a relief center thanks to a local church from York and a disaster relief group based out of Tennessee.

Boxes upon boxes of cleaning supplies, food and baby products now fill the inside for those who need them, at no cost.

“Seeing the devastation on Tuesday told me we needed if at all possible to help out,” Mark McLean of East Hill Church of Christ in York said. “You can see they have a sense of hope in their eyes, that they’re not alone in this process.”

On the other side of the shop, Jeannie Donahoo and Scottina Gibbons filled up tables with bedding, clothing and even children’s toys that have been donated. The two have family and friends who’ve been affected by the storm. They said they want to help out in any way they can.

“I’m so pleased to finally help out, it does my heart good,” Donahoo said.

“It’s just nice being able to help others,” Gibbons added.

The cleanup still continues. Nearly 2,500 people have registered to help out since the volunteer efforts began a few days ago.

Those who live in town said they’re amazed at how much progress has been made in such a short amount of time. For example, they said roads that weren’t even walkable a few days ago are now all cleared thanks to the overwhelming amount of help.

“You can walk, you can see people smiling,” Donahoo said.

Added Gibbons: “It’s like everybody’s just cooperating together to try and get Beaver back to the way it needs to be.”

Beaver Crossing is accepting more volunteers tomorrow (Sunday). You can head to the town’s fire station near West and Dimery Streets between noon and 8 p.m. A photo ID is needed.