Volunteer firefighters train on Halloween

Posted By: Veronica Ortega


For some small towns in Nebraska when there’s an emergency they depend on men and women who volunteer their time to help save lives.

Assistant Fire Chief Adam German with Cortland Fire and Rescue says volunteers are needed more than ever.

"Volunteers are usually important and it’s getting harder and harder to find young volunteers that are in shape," says Adam German.

Cortland has what’s called the Explorer Program for young adults ages 14-20. Explorers train side by side with firefighters.

"You’re required to have a lot of hours and you are required to spend a lot of time away from your family. In Cortland we have several families that volunteer together so that helps," says Adam German.

Several volunteer fire departments participated in a live burn training exercise within the city limits of Cortland. They set fire to a couple of rundown garages and a two story house.

Firefighters entered rooms inside the home filled with smoke and flames to get first hand experience and learn about the potential of fire spreading quickly.They also learned how to use the right amount of water to knock down a fire. 

"When a real life structure fire happens we all get mutually together. So this provides us with an opportunity to work together and get in to the fire, and learn how each other reacts in certain situations," says Adam German.

Fire officials say they could always use more volunteers and it’s a very rewarding job.