Volunteers were out again on Tuesday looking for Brendan Gonzalez

Search and rescue crews, along with cadaver dogs were back at the Sarpy County Landfill on Tuesday. Volunteers from as far away as Missouri are helping in the search. So far, this has been their biggest lead in the case, after Brendan's father, Ivan Henk, admitted to killing the boy in court, and then telling officials he dumped the body in a Bellevue dumpster, which is unloaded at the landfill.. Authorities are using dates on newspapers they find, to try and lead them to where the body could be at the landfill. They also have a team of dogs searching for human scent. The landfill manager says if the boy's remains are there, searchers will probably find him this week.

Officials haven't said if they've found any more leads in the case. Also, a search at a Plattsmouth area pond will resume, Wednesday, weather-permitting. Dogs picked up a human scent at the pond a few weeks ago. And despite all of the comments made by Ivan Henk, he has not been charged in the case.