Voter guidelines

By:Dan Messineo

Secretary of State John Gale expects a strong turn out in Nebraska for this year's election.  He says following a few guidelines will help ensure your vote counts.

-Polling places are open Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for voters in Central Time Zone. 
-The best time to vote is late morning or early afternoon.
-You do not need a voting card or ID when you show up to vote.
-Registered voters who have moved within the same county will be allowed to vote.  Just head to the polling place designated for your new address.  If you moved from one county to another, you will need to re-register. 
-Keep political gear and badges at home; it's against the law to wear it into the polling place.  

“These guidelines are not complicated by any means, but they should help people have an efficient and effective voting experience,” Secretary of State John Gale said.  

For more voter information you can click here for the Secretary of State's Web site.  

Click this link to find your polling place.