Voters race to the polls on election day

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Voters were out in full force today.  Officials say they're hoping for a record breaking turnout this year.

Volunteers said the lines started early in the morning before voting doors even opened.  With both the Senate race and the Presidential race so down to the wire, voters are saying this is an important day to cast your ballot. 

“Just go out and vote—hopefully we get a good turnout,” Voter Joseph DeMarco said.

The one day when voters can agree on one thing, exercising your right is extremely important. 

The last Presidential race had 70 percent of registered voters in Nebraska make it to the polls, and this year, the Secretary of State's office is hoping for 71 percent.

We talked to people to hear why they're casting ballots.  Most of them are very enthusiastic about voting.

“Whether it's Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, they should all vote.  If they don't vote, they can't complain,” Voter Chris Talley said. 

“People around the world have fought and died for the right to vote, so I think we should vote,” Voter David Martin said.

The Senate race between Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey drew in a lot of voters this year. 

“If we have a strong senate, then the President can do his job,” Gina Petersen said.

But officials say Presidential races always attract more voters than any other race.

“No matter which side you're on, I think people think this is a very important election and I think people think it's gonna go down to the wire,” Martin said.

In Lancaster County, election officials are also predicting a 71 percent voter turnout.  The last time we saw numbers higher than that in Nebraska was in 1976 at 74 percent. 

Precincts in Lincoln close Tuesday at 8 PM so, if you haven't voted, there's still time to get out there and make your vote count.