Wal-Mart Looks to Expand in Seward

Wal-mart is currently in the process of an aggressive expansion.  The Arkansas-based company is drawing up the plans to build a Super-Wal-mart in Seward.

The city of Seward will decide if the new 99-thousand square foot Super Center will call Seward home. Many residents are concerned about what the new center will do to small businesses in town. Wal-mart says that one store shopping won't hurt Seward. The retail giant tells Channel 8 Eyewitness News “Thousands of communities have said the presence of a Wal-mart store stimulates growth by bringing more potential customers into the community to spend their discretionary income.”

If it's approved the new Super Center would be just south of Seward. It would replace the current Walmart. The Seward City Planning Commission will vote on the new Walmart on Monday.