Walk to End Sexual Assault Draws Large Crowds

By: Sabrina Ahmed

People of all backgrounds rallied downtown today.  Their mission? To bring an end to sexual assault.

Rape victims are sometimes blamed because of their revealing clothing.  But there's a group that is working to end that stigma.

“We all know this rape culture is bad—we're all here to stop it together,” Organizer Clare LaFrance said.

More than a hundred people gathered on the steps of the capitol Saturday, banning together to stop sexual assault. They say too often the victim is blamed and they want to change that.

“Create a culture that has a zero tolerance for rape rather than a culture where it makes it seem as if the victim is inviting this sort of treatment,” LaFrance said.

This group formed after an officer in Canada told a group that women wouldn't be raped if they didn't dress provocatively. Following that officer's statement, word quickly traveled to the US and last year was the first organized walk in Lincoln.

“these women are already emotionally scarred enough—they don't need someone saying this is your fault because of what you were wearing,” Alexandra Sobzak said.

Participants say the event in Canada was the straw that broke the camel's back—finally shedding light on something that has been happening for so long.

After multiple speakers, the crew took to the streets, walking through downtown, shouting and making a scene to draw attention to their cause.

Organizers hope this walk will stop victim blaming when it's happening, and help those victims feel more comfortable with reporting sexual assault.