Water Emergency

To help out with Lincoln's water emergency, some local businesses are turning off their sprinklers. Businesses are suffering through this drought, just like the rest of us. Shoppers at Southpointe may not even notice, that the outdoor mall is in a water emergency. The mall was forced to use water only every other day, like the rest of the city. Everybody else doesn't have to worry about watering hundreds of trees, shrubs and 52-flower beds. All by hand.

Landscaping responsibly means choosing native flowers. That are conditioned for dry periods and using thousands of pounds of water-saving mulch. At the University of Nebraska, the story is about the same. Two weeks ago, UNL cut it's outdoor water usage in half. The native grasses and Nebraska wildflowers still hold their color. While giant cottonwood trees and Kentucky bluegrass blend into a sea of brown.

The Broyhill Fountain is normally an oasis on the UNL campus, but there are no students here. That's because the water has been shut off and will remain off., until the cities emergency is over.

Other local businesses are helping out as well… Westfield Shoppingtown Gateway Mall has stopped using their sprinkler system as well.