Waverly authorities are keeping an eye on crime

The small town of Waverly is taking big steps in law enforcement. The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is introducing a new security measure to keep an eye on things when they're not around.  An increase in criminal activity in the city has prompted the Sheriff's office to put security cameras in places like the city park. And some local residents say they're actually excited about it.

“Police come and patrol the park but they are not here all the time.” Without a police department, Waverly contracts with the Lancaster County Sheriff's office to keep an eye on the city. But they can't always be there and that can leave an open door for crime.

But now they're hoping that door has been closed thanks to newly installed security camera's in public parts of the city.  Local residents say it's a tool that will help make places like the city park safer for families.

“Having that extra level of security will make it easier to feel safe at nighttime,” Casey Glassburner said.

Chief Deputy Bill Jarrett says not only will families feel safe knowing the cameras are there, deputies hope to nab criminals sooner. They'll also be able to be monitor the entire situation before ever arriving in the troubled area right from there patrol car.

Depending on how well the security works Deputy Jarrett says it's something they hope to have installed in areas across the city. The cameras were paid for by the city of Waverly.

Chief Deputy Jarett says as of right now the only people that have access to the video footage are law enforcement and city officials.