Waverly dog shot by neighbor

Posted By: Channel 8 Newsroom

A Waverly woman discovered her dog was shot with a BB gun by her own neighbor. She says it very well may need surgery to survive.

Rolo is a 7–month–old Morkie, a Yorkshire Terrier Maltese mix, and is currently under 24-hour supervision at the vet.

“The deputies determined that a 37–year–old neighbor woman had attempted to scare the dog into stop barking by shooting a ceramic flower pot with a BB gun, missed the flower pot, hit the dog,” Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

It happened in Waverly yesterday afternoon.

The woman responsible, Jennifer Wilke, says it was a terrible accident and an act of desperation to get the dog, who had been barking for several hours, to be quiet.

“In just a moment of stress and rash decision I grabbed my husband's BB gun with no intention of ever hitting the dog,” Wilke said.

She says she was aiming at a bucket a foot away from Rolo, and after pulling the trigger, thought the problem was solved.

“It kind of jumped and ran away so I thought okay, I scared it, it's done,” Wilke said.

She says she didn't realize the BB actually hit Rolo's chest, becoming lodged there.

Over the phone, Rolo's owner told us she knew something was wrong, but couldn't quite figure out what until a trip to the vet later that day.

After an investigation, deputies cited Wilke with animal cruelty.

Now, Wilke says she wants to take ownership of her actions, and ask for forgiveness.

“It's not a way to handle things and I'm sorry,” Wilke said, “I just hope the puppy is okay.”

The owners, who didn't want to appear on camera, said a potential surgery to remove the BB could cost thousands of dollars, a bill Wilke says she'd pay for in full.