Wax museum fundraiser

Posted By: Nolan Crane


Fifth graders at North American Martyrs School here in Lincoln dressed up as Catholic Saints for their annual wax museum fundraiser. Here’s Wednesday, February 25ths “Excellence in Education.”

The students made their outfits, picked out their props and spent a lot of time researching the life of the saint they selected. It’s called a wax museum because each student stands still until money is place in their cup and then they come alive telling the story of the person they are dressed up as. The school hopes to raise a couple hundred dollars to help build a water well in Sudan.

“Today I’m dressed–up as Saint Sebastian because I found his life very interesting. He was shot with arrows and still being alive,” says Harrison Johs.

“I choose Saint Elizabeth because she helped the poor,” says Emma Timmer.

“In order for the kids to talk about their saints the students and the parents will put the money in a little cup in front of them and then they’ll start talking,” says Sister Janelle Buettner.

In addition to raising money this fundraiser is also a religious project to help the students in attendance prepare for their confirmation.