Wealth For My Health Challenge

 We have an update on a story we first brought you in April.  A local weight loss challenge kicked off and we'd like to introduce you to one the contestants.    56–year old Vince Foster entered the Wealth For My Health challenge with one goal in mind, to get fit!  Coming in at 303 pounds Foster has made strides by attending a local boot camp and seeing a registered dietician.  Today Foster is weighing–in almost 60 pounds lighter, lowering his cholesterol and even getting off some of his medication.  “I want to be around for my grand kids you know I'm doing this for my kids, grand kids and myself,” says Foster.  Sara Brown created the Wealth For My Health challenge to help people lead a healthier lifestyle.  “If it was one person I could help or 100 it really didn't matter and it's just been so rewarding and I have learned so much from everybody I thought I'd be helping people but in turn they have helped me become a better person and they've become my inspiration,” says Brown.  The 17–week challenge includes weigh–ins eliminating a contestant every week.  Foster is currently in the lead and will be in the top 3 for the grand finale in August where the winner will be awarded with a $1500.00 check. But Foster says it's not about the money but they way this challenge has made him feel.  “This has changed my life immensely I just feel like they've added years to my life,” says Foster.  If you've been inspired by the Wealth For My Health program don't worry there is going to be another 17–week challenge starting at the end of August. Anyone can participate in the challenge for more information on how to apply go to www.wealthformyhealth.com