Weather forces bands to bounce to Pinnacle Bank Arena

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Lightening strikes and severe weather forced SMG to move the Temptations and Beach Boys concert Thursday night. Originally planned for Pinewood Bowl, management made the call to bounce the bands to Pinnacle Bank Arena. Making the move meant changing the seating arrangement.

"We honored the reserve seat seating and so in order to make the seating grid from pinewood bowl match with some sort of semblance, some tickets were exchanged."

Emails were sent out to ticket holders, some event getting calls and texts to let them know of the change,” Tom Lorenz, General Manager of SMG-Lincoln, said.

One concert-goer says the move created congestion downtown making her miss part of the concert.

"It was a huge, huge mess, the email went out about 8 am to let us know that it had been relocated but nothing was said that you had to get relocated tickets, so when we walked in the door they were scanning our original tickets and telling us to get in line,” Stacie Devrie, said.

She says she’s grateful the event staff didn’t just cancel altogether, but wishes she would have known to plan extra time for the ticket exchange. As for management, they’re just glad PBA was available and they could keep everyone safe.

“Otherwise if the show cancels the temptations and the beach boys would not be able to reschedule here within the near future or ever again for having something like that so we think to make it right we had the show, we kept people into a safe environment and we gave the opportunity for people to see two great bands with a great set,” Lorenz said.

Devires plans to reach out to pinnacle bank arena for a partial refund saying she not only missed part of the concert but because of all the confusion was given a general admission ticket- pushing her to the back of the concert hall.

PBA says they feel they’ve done all they need to.