Weather Symposium Prepares Storm Chasers

It's that time of year again. Severe weather is on the horizon leaving many people wondering, are you prepared?

The 11th annual severe weather symposium was held at UNL today to help get everyone ready for some harsh weather ahead.

Thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes, oh my! Severe weather is officially here leaving many saying, let the storm chasing begin. Today's symposium brought hundreds of residents from all over the state to remind them of how to have fun with the weather but also how to stay safe. Dr. Ken Dewey from UNL says “I've been asking people, are they returning or are they new and we have a mixture. About half the people are returning and they're looking forward to this every year. And some people have just discovered us.”

Along with analyzing footage and hearing from the country's leading severe weather experts, attendees got to experience the Doppler on wheels. Kids of all ages also got in on the fun. “This event promotes kids interested in science topics. And we're prepared for what will happen around Lincoln,” Lianlin Jhao says.

Not that severe weather is anything new to Nebraskans. 38 tornadoes rocked the state just last year alone and there's no telling what this season is going to be like. That's why some say it's a good to be prepared, but don't be afraid to treat the season like a favorite pastime. “because everybody loves weather. I think we could all just get together and just have story–telling time and everybody be happy. Because everyone has a weather story. This is Nebraska, this is where weather happens.” Dr. Dewey says he's already got plans for next year's event. He says he's hoping to have the event closer to the summertime.