Weatherfest teaches kids about weather fun

By: Sabrina Ahmed

The spring game didn't stop thousands of people making it to the Severe Weather Symposium.  In fact, it helped draw in bigger crowds!

Coordinators of the symposium say the two most important things in Nebraska are football and weather, and with tornado season already here, it was a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

“It allows people from out of town to have a reason to spend the whole day in Lincoln,” event director Ken Dewey said.

First weather fun, then they were off to the game.

“You've had your sports, you've had your weather—the top two things in life,”  Dewey said.

Dewey isn't the only one who thinks weather is important here in Nebraska.  Almost 3,000 people came through the doors, thinking the same thing.

The Severe Weather Symposium and family Weatherfest at UNL inspired kids of all ages to get involved.

“I think it's radical mostly,” one kid said.

“I'd like to actually chase tornadoes and take videos of them,” another said.

Some were a little less inspired to chase the big storms, but instead learned more about weather safety and what to do if a tornado hits.

“Just seeing pics scares you but when you talk about it and learn what it does, it doesn't scare you as much,” Jed Hardy said.

The kids played games to measure rain totals, they learned what fossilized rain drops were, they demonstrated what hail does in the wind.

Everything was just for fun, and what they might not have realized is they were learning, too!

Fans even got the chance to meet their favorite Channel 8 Meteorologists!  Luke, Sean and Rachael were there, giving viewers the chance to interact with them off the screen!

After the event, there was a workshop for people to learn how to be a storm chaser.  It was open to the public, and even if you weren't ever planning on getting out in the thick of things, you could learn how to predict when a storm is coming to your area.