Wellness In Nebraska

Posted By: Pierce Georlett


Today Governor Pete Ricketts traded in his dress shoes for some walking shoes. 

"Wellness is key to living the good life," said Gov. Ricketts 

Gov. Ricketts hosted a walk through the state capitol on Monday to encourage Nebraskans to exercise regularly and keep using the NE 150 challenge for motivation. 

"Of course we want to encourage all employers across the state to find ways to be able to incorporate physical activity into their workplaces," says Gov. Ricketts "so that Nebraskans can continue to live healthy lives and that of course is a part of living the good life."

The NE 150 challenge is a part of 150 years of Nebraska statehood, and it’s been a year-long web based wellness program that allows Nebraskans to track physical activity in miles and minutes. 

"Nebraska 150 challenge as a part of the Sesquicentennial celebration to really bring Nebraskans communities, and people together around the wellness activities," stated Gov. Ricketts. 

The program also helps users find local events as well as trails and parks where they can walk, run, bike, or paddle. 

"The NE 150 challenge last year we had a goal of attracting 5,000 participates we’ve done that. This next year we hope to double that," said Dave Mlnarik of the Nebraska Sports Council 

The challenge is totally free for you and is there so that you can track your own miles, you can even see how you fair against the governor himself. 

"Since the beginning of the challenge I have logged 4,000 miles, now granted it was on a bike so it’s a little bit different."

To start tracking your miles you can go to https://www.ne150challenge.com/ and sign up to start tracking your miles.