West Haymarket Arena Architect Chosen

Talk of creating a possible arena behind the train station just picked up steam.

City of Lincoln officials announced the architect and developer for the West Haymarket area.

But before anybody breaks ground, Lincoln residents have to vote on the arena bond.

So the city can afford the multi-million dollar bill.  

The infamous tunnel walk is said to help define the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, and Mayor Chris Beutler says building a new arena will help define the city of Lincoln in the same way.

A new hotel, conference center, additional retail, office space, and condominiums.

The city has choosen DLR Group as the architect of the arena.

Lincoln's traction partners, formed by twin brothers Will and Robert Scott of WRK will be in charge of developing the West Haymarket area.

Details as to exact size, seating arrangements, the relationships between arena and hotel are details to be worked out.

This is what the architects and the city hope the convention center and arena will eventually look like, that's if they get all the money they need.

Getting the money to build the 16-thousand seat arena won't be decided on, until Lincoln voters give the go-ahead for the arena's pricey bond issue in the spring of 2009.

The Mayor says they can't release cost estimates or other details about the development until they figure them out themselves.

But the Mayor does say the public's opinion will be considered throughout the entire process.