What’s cropping up downtown is a mystery..

It may have caught your eye as you drove into Lincoln off I-180.  Corn stalks have mysteriously cropped up near the Haymarket.

Most of us have seen corn around the state.  After all, we are the Cornhusker State. But in downtown Lincoln?

A row of it, appeared on the west side of 9th street between P & Q right in front of Barry's Bar and Grill.  No one knows how it got there.   

“I came in one morning and corn has that distinct look when it comes in with 2 leaves and I turned to the bartender and said is that corn coming up out front,” says Lou Mary Webb at Barry's.

The Downtown Lincoln Association is responsible for beautifying that area but they're not claiming the corn either.

 “We are not talking credit for it.  I wish we could but we did not plant the corn,” says Todd Ogden with the DLA. 

Seeing corn like this in Nebraska well it isn't much of a surprise, but when it ends up on one of Lincoln's busiest streets people start asking where it came from.

One theory is that a truck carrying a load of corn accidentally spilled some in the area.

The thriving crop is causing quite the buzz.  People have been seen taking pictures in front of it even stopping their cars in traffic to take a look.

Meanwhile, the crew at Barry's says they're looking forward to seeing the corn continue to grow.