What’s Next for the Nebraska State Fair?

Now that voters have given the okay for lottery money to go to the state fair, how much of a facelift should we expect? Fair officials say it's going to take a while. The state fair will get about 2-million dollars a year from lottery proceeds. But board members say they're just starting the process of figuring out how to spend it. But they say you can expect a new and improved “look” at next year's state fair.

State fair board members met for the first time since voters gave the fair another chance at survival and they say they couldn't be more relieved. But now that the doors will stay open, board members have started planning a new “look” for next year's fair.

Interim Fair Director Joesph McDermott says you'll see more strolling acts on the fairgrounds and more emphasis on outdoor concerts. There are no concrete plans on how the full 2-million dollars of state lottery funds will be spent. Board members have to come up with a plan and present it to the state legislature. But what members do know is that the state fair will be around for years to come, something that seemed out of reach for so long.