Wheeler County herd quarantined over bovine tuberculosis

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News



        A cattle herd in north-central Nebraska’s Wheeler County where a cow tested positive for bovine tuberculosis remains in quarantine as authorities test other animals.
        Nebraska Agriculture Department spokeswoman Kristin Kamm said Thursday that none of the cattle has yet been similarly diagnosed. Department staffers also are looking for cattle that may have been pastured next to and had fence line contact with the infected herd. The disease is primarily transmitted through nose to nose contact.
        The South Dakota Animal Industry Board earlier this year contacted the Nebraska department as they traced cattle into and out of South Dakota’s infected herd. The testing of cattle that were moved into Nebraska led to the infected cow in Wheeler County.
        Bovine tuberculosis causes severe coughing, fatigue, emaciation and debilitation in cattle and results in reduced milk and meat production.