While Troops Prepare for War, What can People do here at Home?

With America on the brink of war, many Nebraskans are looking for ways to do their part. But some times just showing your support is all the troops need.

One way to show support for families of soldiers is to be there for them. You can help them by being a friend, offering a hug , cook a meal, play with the kids to support them and let them know they have a network they can rely on. Even if you don't have a family member overseas, you can still help. Showing patriotism is something many Nebraskans do and it doesn't go unnoticed. Also, new technology makes it easier to e-mail soldiers overseas. There are many websites available to send a message to troops.

The Lincoln Lancaster County Red Cross is accepting handwritten letters to soldiers. If you prefer to e-mail, log onto our website at klkntv dot com. There you can write a special message and read other e-mails sent to troops.