Wilber-Clatonia will lean on winning culture with youth movement

KLKN Sports Staff


WILBER, Neb. – Wilber-Clatonia has built a winning tradition over the last decade.

Lynn Jurgens enters his 10th season at the helm, coming off an 8-1 regular season a year ago.

However, the Wolverines must replace the vast majority of its offensive line with incoming freshmen and sophomores. Jurgens will lean on his senior group of skill players and a winning traditions he’s built at Wilber-Clatonia while the youth of his line develops. 

"Yeah, that makes a big difference,"Jurgens said. "Tradition and culture. The seniors that are here, they fully expect to win too. They’ve been doing a great job of leadership and they don’t want to be that class that lets us slip a little bit. So that’s good for us to see."

The Wolverines open the season at Superior.