LPD: Wild parties on the decline

When you live in a college town, you're bound to have college parties.

But the number of those parties seems to be going down.  Lincoln police say the responded to 877 wild house parties in 2010, compared to nearly 2,000 in 2005.

Captain Genelle Moore says police went straight to the source and contacted landlords.  “I had decided that I would not just send letters out, that I would personally call them because part of community-based policing is building relationships with people in your neighborhood.”

Nikki Barclaybauman is one landlord who took the police's advice and attacked the problem in her rentals head on.  “I started coming out here a lot of times around 12:30–1:30 in the morning and would stay until 3:00, keeping track of who was having parties where the problem was stemming from.”

She says, “I want to keep my area nice.  I want my tenants to be happy, but more than anything, I want the whole neighborhood to be happy.”