Wild Wednesdays

This summer, Wednesday’s are going to be wild at the Folsom Children’s Zoo. From June 11th until September 3th every other Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm is Wild Wednesday at the Folsom Children’s Zoo. Come out and enjoy an entertaining, and educational evening with the animals.  Wild Wednesday's are  sponsored by Pfizer and Nebraska Animal Medical Center

Here is a list of all the upcoming Wild Wednesday events at the Folsom Children’s Zoo.

June 11th -Measure Up…A lesson in size comparison of the animals and the plants at the Zoo.

June 25th -Natural wrappers…”lumpy, bumpy, scratchy, smooth, striped, patterned, solid”…visitors will be using workds to describe the animals and plants as they feel furs, leaves feathers and scales.

July 9th -Do the locomotion…leaping, bouncing creeping, pouncing, identify and mimic different animal movements.

July 23th -Primate comparisons…discover the similarites and the differenced between humans and their monkey and ape friends.

August 6th -Habitats…Everybody needs a habitat.  Learn about the major habitat groups in the world and characteristics of each.

August 20st -It's up to you…discover how your choices impact the plants and animals in your world.

September 3th -How to live with wintere…How do animals and plants change in order to survive?

Admission to Wild Wednesday’s at the Folsom Children’s Zoo is:

Adults: $5.00 Seniors: $4.00 Children (2-11): $3.00 Under 2: Free Zoo Member: Free Train Rides: $2.00 Pony Rides: $2.00

For more information about the Folsom Children’s Zoo, and Wild Wednesday events, visit their website at www.lincolnzoo.org , or call them at 475-6741.