State will benefit economically from wind power

By: Kayla Bremer

Wind and other renewable energy sources are the focus of a two day conference brought to Lincoln.

Hundreds from all over the nation gathered at the Cornhusker Hotel downtown to talk about the future of wind power in Nebraska.

This is the first time the annual Nebraska Wind Conference has been held in Lincoln.  Today and tomorrow speakers will talk about the importance of wind power and how it will benefit the state economically.

Researchers say Nebraska is ranked third in the nation for potential wind power generation.

“Wind is free,” Tom Barrett of Omaha said.  “It's here generally every day and we should take advantage of it for the citizens of the state.”

David Rich from Nebraska Public Power District added, “Much of it is yet undeveloped and so we have an opportunity to build many more wind farms across rural Nebraska.  It brings a lot of economic development and a lot of tax revenue.”

Rich says two wind farms are in the works to be functioning by the end of this year.  One will be in Broken Bow and another in Croften Bluffs.

Speakers say wind farms could bring millions of dollars in revenue to the state and create hundreds of new jobs.